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Cargo Securement
This course gives a full understanding of how to comply with
the cargo securement regulations that apply to general freight and to specific cargo
commodities transported on flat deck trailers. This course is based on the driver
handbook "Practical Cargo Securement; Guidelines for Drivers, Carriers & Shippers"
and divided into separate courses for van and flatdeck operations.
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Upcoming classes:
- August 14, 2014

Daily Vehicle Inspection
This course teaches drivers and managers how to apply the Daily Vehicle Inspection rules, complete inspection reports and report defects in compliance with Ontario Regulation 199/07. Drivers will understand how to conduct a proper inspection, the proper forms to use, the difference between minor and major defects and how to avoid getting a ticket. The program is a good way to avoid CVOR points that accompany violations. This course is based on the driver handbook "Practical Vehicle Inspection; Canadian Trip Inspection Requirements for Truck and Trailer".
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Upcoming classes:
- August 7, 2014
- October 2, 2014

Hours of Service
This course gives a full understanding of how to comply with the Ontario Hours of Service regulations that limit the number of hours drivers can operate commercial vehicles. This course is based on Canadian Trucking Alliance driver handbook "Hours of Service for Commercial Drivers" and segregated into separate courses for city/intercity and cross-border/sleeper berth.
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Upcoming classes:
- September 11, 2014

Transportation of Dangerous Goods
This course teaches the requirements for handling, offering for transport and transporting dangerous goods in trucking setting. Canadian regulations require all individuals involved in these activities to be trained and certified. The course is geared towards truckload and less-than-truckload operations. This course is based on the Canadian Trucking Alliance handbook "Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck".
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Upcoming classes:
- September 4, 2014

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Commercial Vehicle Wheel Service (CVWS) Certificate Program
Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities

This course leads to a certification that is required by regulation in Ontario for any
person who removes or replaces wheels on trucks, trailers and motor coaches.
Successful participants who complete this modular training program will obtain a
certificate from the Ministry of Training, College and Universities. Certification
can be obtained at 4 different levels. This course is based on the training handbook
"Practical Tire & Wheel Service".

Why this is important
Improper tire and wheel service procedures can cause serious, even fatal injuries. Tire
and wheel assemblies have the potential to explode. Improperly installed wheel assemblies
can become detached from a vehicle while it is travelling on a road or highway, and become
a serious safety threat to other motorists, or even pedestrians.

Who should take the course
Any person involved in servicing tires or wheels on trucks, trailer and buses is required to become certified through this training course. Persons who are not certified are acting unlawfully if they perform this work without first being certified. Tire service personnel, drivers and technicians, along with their supervisors and managers need to attend.

What's in the course
The certification training program consists of 17 learning modules and allows individuals to become certified at one of four different levels. These levels are based on the specific needs of the individual and based on the job tasks each person is required to perform. Each of the basic certification levels are very limited in scope and are intended for drivers and other individuals who must perform certain job functions as listed below. Training in these basic levels includes classroom and practical learning. The advanced stream is designed for tire service technicians, people who perform tire service work as a primary part of their job functions. Advanced level training Participants must be experienced tire service personnel and the training is offered in the classroom.

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Dates & Locations
CVWS is delivered regularly at OTA's office in Toronto. The next available class is December 11th.

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